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When choosing a medical alert system, it’s wise to pick a system that will not only respond to your emergency call but can stay with you until help actually arrives. Because it’s easy to feel threatened and unsafe during an emergency, the last thing you want to happen is to be and feel alone, right? Alert1 promises not to hang up.

 Its best features:

  • Alert1 offers nationwide service.
  • It can provide support in 190 languages.
  • There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee. After the initial 30 days have passed, Alert1 will no longer offer refunds. Interested? You can start your subscription today.
  • It has one of the most accurate fall detection pendants in the market. These pendants uses 190 parameters.
  • It conducts monthly testing of systems to make sure yours is functioning well.
  • It relies on two US-based monitoring centers that are CSAA Five Diamond Certified.
  • There’s a lifetime warranty on all its equipment
  • There are several accessories to personalize your medical alert system.
  • You can purchase MedReady to remind you of your medications.
  • Alert1 can help you in any type of emergency.
  • It offers free monitoring for spouse if an additional alert button is purchased for $25.95.

Alert1 gives you the chance to customize your Circle of Care upon subscription. This refers to the list of people you want them to contact in case there’s an emergency or when you need assistance. They can call your parents, friends and caregivers, on your behalf, to let them know your status.

You have several options when it comes to Alert1’s medical alert packages. You can choose based on your lifestyle and the type of available connection you have at home. In terms of payment, there are three billing options. You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. Choosing to pay on a yearly basis, however, can help you save more.

Package options:

• In Home Medical Alert System

Home Medical Alert System


Price Per Month$35.95$30.95$25.95


The In Home package connects to your existing phone line. Because it needs to be wired to a landline, this system is more compatible with people who stay at home most of the time. Like all Alert1 packages, In Home is automatically tested every 28 days to help ensure your system is functioning well.

In Home package features:

  • The base unit, also called as Peace of Mind, has a 24 hour battery backup.
  • It supports two way communication to enable you to speak with a skilled care representative during an emergency.
  • You can choose between a wristband and a necklace for your help button. Both of these devices are waterproof.
  • Its maximum range is at 600 feet.

• Wireless Medical Alert System

Wireless Medical Alert System


Price Per Month$45.95$40.95$35.95


Instead of a landline, this package relies on AT&T’s cellular network to communicate your emergency signal to the monitoring station. If you don’t have an existing landline at home, this wireless system is perfect for you. It doesn’t charge you extra whenever you use its cellular service as all calls are covered and inclusive in your payment term. You should take note, however, that by subscribing to this package, you’ll be required to pay a one time cellular activation fee amounting to $50.

• Fall Detection System

Fall Detection System


Price Per Month$40.95$35.95$30.95


Alert1’s fall detection system has undergone years of testing to establish great accuracy. Because of this, it’s considered to be one of the most accurate fall detection technology today. Measuring 1.7 x 2.4 x 0.7, it’s also the smallest fall detection pendant you can find.

Package features:

  • The pendant’s battery life lasts for two years. Its level is closely monitored so that when the level runs low, you can quickly have it replaced.
  • Like most alert devices, the pendant is also waterproof.
  • The range between the pendant and the base unit should not be more than 400 feet.
  • There’s a one time activation fee of $35.
  • You have the option to buy the fall detection pendant as a package or just buy it separately at a later time.

Alert1 also has packages for people with active lifestyles and those who are always on the go. These packages don’t require the presence of base units which means they are portable enough to give you peace of mind wherever you are.

Mobile package options:

• PAX Mobile Fall Detection

PAX Mobile Fall Detection


Price Per Month$59.95$54.95$49.95


PAX is a mobile fall detection pendant which you can wear as a necklace or as a clip-on to your belt. It is water resistant and comes pre programmed upon purchase. After charging, a voice prompt will walk you through the rest of the activation process.

PAX features:

  • The pendant is water resistant.
  • It can automatically detect falls wherever you are.
  • In case of emergencies and you can’t push the emergency button, PAX can find your exact location by utilizing its reliable GPS technology.
  • It has 36 hours of battery life upon charging.
  • It has a microphone and a speaker to enable communication with the monitoring station.

• Kelsi Mobile Medical Alarm

Kelsi Mobile Medical Alarm


Price Per Month$45.95$40.95$35.95


Kelsi is completely portable. In fact, instead of a phone line, it’s covered by T-Mobile’s cellular service. You don’t need to be limited in terms of range as Kelsi can get you help in just a push of a button.

Kelsi features:

  • Its battery can last for 60 days.
  • It’s also waterproof.
  • All calls using Kelsi are inclusive of the plan. You don’t need to pay extra for its cellular service.
  • It supports two way communication to the monitoring station.

Alert1 wants to make you feel comfortable and as fashionable as possible with your medical alert system. It gives you the option to purchase wristbands and accessories that will match your personality. If wearing white doesn’t fit you, you can purchase your wristband in blue, purple or grey for only $9.95. You can even wear your medical alert buttons with pearls!

Aside from the accessories, you also have several add-ons to choose from. The Voice Extender, for one, is a good addition to your system particularly if you have a big or a multi-story home. A Surge guard, meanwhile, can help protect your system against electrical surges. If you’re always missing your medications, you can purchase the Medication Reminder and Organizer for $149.95. It runs on batteries and is tamper proof.


check Alert1 offers the smallest and most accurate fall detection pendant.
check It’s rated A+ in the BBB.
check It offers a 30 day money back guarantee.
check It has several package options for active people and those who are always at home.
check It gives you the option to personalize your system with accessories.
check Kelsi Mobile Medical Alarm can last for 60 days.
check Alert1 uses a reliable GPS technology to find your location.
check The monitoring station and its skilled representatives will stay with you until help arrives.
check Its systems are automatically tested every 28 days to ensure functionality.
check Its fall detection pendant uses more than 190 parameters to distinguish a fall from normal activities.