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There’s a medical alert system that can give you the quality and dependable service you’ve been looking for. You might just want to get your hands on it now.




ADT Medical Alert, formerly ADT Companion Service, comes from the same company that specializes in home security. Because it’s backed by a popular name, you’re assured to get access to reliable help anytime.

  • ADT’s response time is marked at 45 seconds.
  • It owns and operates 4 monitoring centers across the country.
  • Its contracts require a monthly monitoring service.
    • One thing to note when signing up with this brand is its required upfront purchase of monitoring service that’s worth 12 months.
    • If you’re an existing ADT subscriber, you’re likely to get a discount.
    • You have two options in setting up ADT Medical Alert in your home.
    • You can install the system on your own.
    • If you’re uncomfortable doing it by yourself, you can ask for professional service. You have to keep in mind, however, that professional installation requires an additional fee.
  • The system also monitors for unsafe temperatures at home. This feature is helpful for seniors who may not readily notice sudden fluctuations in their environment.
  • Although it offers automatic testing, it’s best if you can test your system regularly to make sure it’s functioning well.

There are three package options you can choose from. These packages come with 24/7 customer service that’s trained to effectively and efficiently respond to your emergency needs.

Package options include:

● Medical Alert Basic




Price: $29.99 per month


  • This package requires a landline to communicate with the monitoring station.
  • Its base station enables two-way communication so you can speak with a care representative in case of emergency.
    • It also has a backup battery that can last for 12-20 hours. Once the battery runs low, the monitoring station will let you know.
    • It includes a light that will remind you to test your system every month.
    • The help button is easily accessible. It’s placed in the middle of the device.
    • One of the unique features of ADT’s base station is its temperature sensor. It will notify you in the event the temperature at home becomes unsafe.
  • For the alert button, you can choose to have it as a pendant or as a wristband. Both devices are waterproof which means you won’t have to worry about damaging them in case you forgot to take them off before you shower.
  • This package has a range of 300 feet.
    • To know your system’s limit, it’s best if you can test your alert button and base station after installation.
    • Because your home’s materials and its number of walls significantly affect the range, testing the system can give you a clearer idea on which areas have the weakest and strongest signals.


● Medical Alert Plus




Price: $35.99 per month


  • This system has the same equipment features as the basic package.
  • Instead of a landline, it connects to the monitoring station through AT&T’s wireless network.
  • In terms of coverage, it offers a wider range at 600 feet.
    • Because it’s wider than the other package, you’ll have added peace of mind in knowing that it can still monitor your loved one even if he’s in the garden or working in the garage.
  • This package offers an optional fall detection pendant.


● On The Go Emergency Response



Price: $39.99 per month


  • This package is suitable for people who engage in active lifestyles.
  • Like the Plus Package, it relies on AT&T’s wireless network in reaching the monitoring station.
  • It’s GPS-enabled. The monitoring station can easily locate you in case you need help.
  • This system does not include the temperature monitoring feature you’ll find in the other packages.
  • Because it’s portable, this package offers a smaller coverage at 100 feet.
  • If you’re going outside, it’s best if you carry the mobile device with you. You can use the carrying case that comes with the package.
  • You can also choose to add a fall detection pendant for added security.
  • The On the Go package is not limited to outside use.
    • You can still use it even if you’re just at home by docking it on its charging station.


Aside from these packages, you also have a lot of options when it comes to adding accessories. You should take note, however, that when adding extra devices, a onetime charge per accessory is usually required.
  How to sign up for ADT Medical Alert?

  1. Go to its official web page here.
  2. Select your package of choice.
  3. Pick the accessory you need and its color.
  4. If you want extra accessories, you can add up to a maximum of three.
  5. Once you’re done selecting, you simply click the “Add to Cart” button.
  6. It will bring you to the Take Out page where you can start filling in the required information.
  7. After completing all data, you can Preview all the details and finish the order.

Adding another Fall Detection Pendant costs an extra $24.99 and a $10 fee per month. An additional wristband or pendant, on the other hand, costs $14.99 each with an extra charge of $5 every month. If you need to recharge your OTG unit, you can purchase its dedicated car charger for $17.99.


check ADT is a well-known name in home security.
check Its medical alert system offers a shorter range and battery backup compared with other brands.
check If you’re an existing ADT subscriber, you can get a discount on your medical alert system.
check Its base station includes a temperature sensor.
check It requires an upfront purchase.
check There’s an additional fee for every device you add to your system.
check Its On the Go Package is GPS-enabled.
check You can add up to three accessories to your system.
check It runs its own 4 monitoring stations.

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