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Keeping Up: ADT Home Security Review

If you want to arm your security system, you just tell it to do so. If you want to lock your doors, you just say it. If it’s cold outside and you want your home to be comfortably warm when you get home, you simply voice it. Literally.

The ADT Pulse Voice App is the latest in smart home technology.  It allows you to control your home’s security and even your smart home through voice commands. Interesting, right?


  • You can download the app on Google Play and iTunes for free.
  • To make a command, you simply “Tap and Say”
  • The app can recognize your voice.
  • It understands your voice commands and even the device you’re referring to.
  • The app listens to you from signing in and out, controlling the system and even checking your home’s status

ADT has been in the market of home security systems for around 100 years. With such time, they have gained the largest market share in the country. They also claim to have the most security industry experience.

  • ADT allows you to control your home and manage your smart devices through Z Wave technology.
  • It has both web and mobile portals where you can manage and customize your security.
  • ADT offers you a limited time offer of $0 upfront fee.
  • ADT has six redundant Customer Monitoring Centers to dispatch help if ever you need one. They’re placed nationwide so you know you can rely on them.

On the other hand, ADT has a more recent home automation offer through its Pulse Packages. They are designed to meet individualized needs. You just have to find your pulse.

  • Remote Arm
    • 24/7 Monitoring
    • Cellular Connection
    • Fire and Smoke Monitoring
    • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
    • Water Detection and Temperature Monitoring
    • Remote Web and Mobile Access
    • Email and Text Alerts
  • Control
    • Remote Features
    • Remote Lock and Unlock Door Control
    • Lightning and Thermostat Control
  • Live Video
    • Control Features
    • Remote Secure Video

   The Pulse Packages are covered by a six month money back guarantee and a warranty as well.


Do you have an elderly family member at home? How do you know if she’s alright?

Simple. You let ADT inform you.

ADT also has a Medical Alarm System that can immediately respond to Grandpa at home. If he happens to press the alarm, ADT will call to check if he’s ok. If he fails to say so, expect help to rush home to Grandpa.

The system includes a two way voice intercom which Grandpa can wear as a wristband or as a pendant. He can use it to talk to an ADT personnel. Other than the intercom, ADT’s help button can also be worn by the same ways. It’s also waterproof in case Grandpa forgets to take it off when he showers. The system also has a Fall Detector.

The Medical Alert System also gives Grandpa a sense of independence at home. It could provide him with a 300 or 600 feet range around the house, depending on which set you purchase. You can also further select your package depending on whether you have a phone line or not. If you have one, you can subscribe to the basic package at $29.99. The Medical Alert Plus, on the other hand, doesn’t require a phone line but may charge you $39.99 a month.

ADT Home Security also offers the following plans. However, the packages may not give you home automation.

1. Essentials (ADT Monitoring)

ADT’s minimum package starts with the Essentials Monitoring. You may need to have a landline telephone for this.

  • ADT 24/7 monitoring
  • Digital Keypad
  • 3 Entryway Contacts
  • Keychain Remote
  • Motion Sensor
  • High Decibel Alarm
  • Backup Battery
  • Yard Sign

Price:   $36.99 monthly

2. Essential Plus

The Essential Plus Package contains the same set as that of the Essential. However, it adds a two way talk feature.

  • During an emergency, you may not readily have an access with a phone. On such instances, ADT’s two way talk feature can help you communicate with your monitoring station. It works even if you’re 75 feet away.

Price:   $42.99 monthly

3. Total Protection

By choosing this package, you are opting for a cellular connection. However, it doesn’t just remove the need for a phone line, it doesn’t include the two way talk feature as well.

Price:   $44.99

4. Total Protection Plus

If you want to have both features of cellular connectivity and two way talk feature in your system, you can opt for the Total Protection Plus. You may need to add as little as $5 to get both.

Price:   $49.99

5. Pulse Select

ADT Pulse Select gives you the Essential Package and includes:

  • Cell Guard
  • ADT Pulse
  • Remote Arm/Disarm
  • Web & Mobile Access
  • Email & Text Alerts.

Price:   $49.99

Through Pulse Select, you can access your security through a smartphone or the internet. It lets you customize your security to get notifications through email and text alerts. You can even arm and disarm your security system just by your mobile phone.

ADT also provides you with several guarantees to prove their reliability.

  1. Theft Protection Guarantee covers a $500 reimbursement on your insurance deductible in cases a burglary happens in your home while an ADT alarm is engaged.
  2. They also have a Mover’s Security Guarantee. It offers you a free installation of ADT’s Essential Plus Package to your new home. However, you have to be an existing ADT client for two years to qualify for this guarantee.
  3. ADT’s Money Back Guarantee, on the other hand, covers a period of six months for you to test their system first. If you feel unsatisfied, even after the company has tried resolving your issues with their devices, they’ll offer you a full refund on installation and monitoring.


check ADT has a stable background with its long length of service.
check They offer several guarantees to cover most of your concerns.
check They have a wide range of packages you can choose from, depending on your needs.
check ADT offers the latest ADT Pulse Voice App.
check The standard ADT package lacks home automation.
check They have six monitoring units.
check They have packages for both phone line and cellular based connections.
check They have a higher monitoring fee as compared to competitors.
check They have separate package offerings for ADT Pulse.

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