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If you’re going to spend money on a security camera, you want to make sure it’s worth it, right?

While the market is filled with tons of surveillance systems, not all of them can deliver what they say they can do. Y-Cam HomeMonitor isn’t anything like these cameras. In fact, with free 7-day Cloud storage, it can actually give you more than your money’s worth.




Y-Cam offers several purchasing options. You can buy a single indoor or outdoor camera or purchase them in bundles. It has a Starter Kit that includes both cameras. There is also the Advanced Kit that comes with 2 indoor cameras and one outdoor unit. For a more comprehensive security, you can go for its Complete Kit that includes 2 indoor and outdoor cameras along with security stickers and extension cables.

Which to pick?

Indoor HDS

Price: $197

This camera works straight out of the box. Because there’s no technical skills required, you can install the unit in a matter of minutes. Aside from its ease of installation, the camera is also packed with the following cool features:

  • High-definition resolution
  • Night vision that can cover around 15 feet
  • 1 megapixel CMOS lens
  • Videos are compressed into MP4 files
  • Recordings are motion activated
  • Includes a light sensor and microphone

The camera comes with its own mount and screws. In setting the unit up, you need to make sure it stays plugged in for power using its 10 feet cable. In case you’re installing it high on your wall, you can use an extension cord for extra length. Its mounting stand includes a ball head so you can easily adjust the viewing angle of your camera.

Outdoor HD Pro

Price: $249.99

If additional security is what you’re looking for, then adding the Outdoor HD Pro to your system would be a wise move. This unit is both weather and waterproof which can assure you that it can resist outdoor elements. The top part is also detachable in case you want the camera in a shielded area.

Its technical specifications include:

  • 24 Infrared LEDs for its night vision capability that can cover 15 meters
  • Includes a microphone
  • Records in HD
  • Made from metal
  • Supports Power Over Ethernet which means you can skip the power cable
  • 64-degree viewing angle
  • a detachable antenna for Wi-Fi

While activating the system is easy, installing the device can require a little work. Because it doesn’t come with a mounting plate, you have to know how to drill and set cables to attach the camera to a wall.

The cameras work through Wi-Fi. Upon purchase and activation, it’s very important that you secure your cameras right away. You can create your own security code or use a password generator for a more complex combination. Aside from security, you also have to assess the strength of your Wi-Fi signal.

Both of these cameras come with the free 7-day Cloud storage. Once the storage is full, old recordings will automatically be deleted to create space. You can also download them to your local storage device if you want to keep a copy. You should, however, make sure to download them before the 7 day period is up. If this isn’t enough, Y-cam offers an upgrade for $39.99 per camera per year to increase your online storage to 30 days through HomeMonitor Plus. There’s also a limited one year warranty for these devices.

HomeMonitor is compatible not only with mobile phones but your TV as well. It can work with:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • iPhone
  • Roku
  • Kindle Fire
  • Apple Airplay

Although the cameras won’t be able to send you text messages in case an event is detected, they do have push and email notifications. Depending on your preference, you can even set when you want to be alerted. This is a great help if you’re working on weekdays but is staying at home during the weekends. There is also the option to record events on demand by pressing the record button while you are streaming live.

While the cameras are effective in doing their jobs, there are still a few things you have to consider:

  • The cameras include a microphone which means audio will only be one way.
  • The recordings don’t come directly from the cameras but your Cloud storage instead. Because the videos are processed this way, you should expect a bit of delay in viewing live feeds. Notifications, however, are sent as soon as motion is detected.
  • There are no options to zoom in and out.
  • Because the camera’s night vision works through LEDs, you only get black and white recordings.

For one account, you can connect as many HomeMonitors you have. You can even monitor all of your cameras at once. If the idea sounds overwhelming, there is the option to set specific zones so you can only be notified if movements are detected within those areas.

To create these zones, you simply need to drag the specified tool and create a square image on the area you want. Take for example your living room. You can use the tool and set a zone that covers only your front door. This can help make sure your camera won’t be triggered by your dog running around your couch.


check Both cameras come with free 7-day Cloud storage.
check You can upgrade your online storage to 30 days for a small fee.
check There’s a limited one year warranty for the devices.
check You can monitor your cameras from your TV.
check You can set when you want to receive notifications.
check There’s the option to set priority zones.
check You can monitor all your cameras under one account.
check It has both web portal and app.
check It doesn’t support zoom capabilities or even two-way audio.
check Night recordings are captured in black and white.

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  1. Y-cam
    Devin Chawda, Y-Cam’s Co-Founder and CEO, is taking actions on a way to extortion money from is his valuable customers. Everything seems like to be like a kind of Ransomware. ( don’t pay , will not work anymore , Y-Cam Camera will become useless )

    If Y-Cam is running out of money, I think, the honest thing to do would be : 

    Y-Cam,  should, at least, let a 24 hours cloud recording free. 
    Letting us time to save, the important videos, in our computer. 
    It was the purpose for why I have bought the Y-Cam camera. 
    For my case, in the last 12 months, I didn’t use more than 2 hours cloud recording storage.

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