Review System

Protecting one’s family is of utmost importance. This is one of the primary reasons why the market of home security systems flourished over time. People work hard to earn a living, establish themselves in society and to provide for their families. Most of us wouldn’t want to risk putting these all in the wrong hands. Thus, we have developed a review system to help ensure one gets to pick the best home security system fitted for both needs and preferences. The system in which we provide information for the public is based on the following facet of a home security system.

Package Breakdown

Security systems have different sets of packages to offer. This is their menu lists. The choices vary on the number of sensors and the type of devices included. Some also offer packages for home security alone while others have packages integrated with both automation and security features. This important criterion is weighed against the family’s needs based on the following standards:

  • Does it have enough equipment to cover a house’s entry points?
  • Is it suitable for small apartments or big houses?
  • Does it have home automation features?
  • Will it also include devices for fire and flood or just for burglary and intrusion?
  • Does it support medical response reliability?
  • Will it have home surveillance or monitoring?
  • What devices are available as add-ons to the package?


We review a system by its packages. We further dissect the packages to come up with a detailed report on the equipments. We write on specifications as well as its technology. We make sure our readers can read our reviews in a way that they can mentally figure out the system we are writing about.

  • What are the devices’ ranges?
  • How do they monitor and detect movements?
  • How are they installed?
  • How do they function?
  • Do they require another device to work?


While selecting the proper package is essential, we have to make sure our readers pick the most reliable one. Power outages, hardwire cut downs and internet unavailability are the most common causes of inconvenience when it comes to monitoring. Our system reviews and researches a system’s reliability based on the following:

  • Does it support phone based monitoring? Via broadband? Or cellular connection?
  • Will it have a backup power source in cases of power interruptions?
  • How many monitoring stations do the system rely on?
  • Are they company owned or third party monitoring stations?
  • Are its monitoring stations UL certified?
  • How fast is the system’s response time?
  • How do they notify?


Price is perhaps the most important consideration people place in mind when reviewing and researching security systems. The use and functionality of a system must be cost worthy to its owner. We review and consider the price of a system based on:

  • What is the cost of a system’s most basic package?
  • How much is the installation fee and monthly rate?
  • Does it require upfront payment?
  • How much fee is required for home surveillance and video recording?
  • Is technical support free of charge?
  • How much is the cost of an add-on device?

Customer Guarantee

We conduct system reviews to aid consumers make the best choice. We would also like to protect their interest by researching and reviewing security systems’ policies on guarantees and returns. We also do a review on their contract limits so as to help customers avoid being locked in an agreement they have no prior knowledge about. The information we present can help them in dealing and negotiating.

  • Warranty- Some companies are confident in their service that they are offering a lifetime warranty on all of their equipments. Other security systems, on the other hand, only offer one to three years for their devices.
  • Money Back Guarantee- The range mainly covers seven days to 60 days for a customer to try a system and declare a money back claim if he deems that the security is not meeting up to his standards. It is important that customers know this before taking a full plunge in a contract.
  • Contract Limit- We review contract lengths on their minimum and maximum to enlighten the readers on a system’s locked in period. We also include a research on fees for early termination of the contract as well as the policies on moving and transferring ownership.
  • Discounts- Many company use freebies and coupons to entice more crowd to their backyard. We go deep into uncovering the reliability of such claims and its conditions.

Extra Features

Home security system shows commonality in their capabilities for making a safe home. However, the field of competition in the market cannot make them feel relaxed with just by being common. They have to innovate something to make them stand out among the crowd. We, therefore, find that extra flavour in their offerings and present them to the readers for a deeper insight.

  • Does the system include a mobile app?
  • What control panel do they offer?
  • What platforms do their mobile apps support?
  • What technology do they use for home automation?
  • What makes them different from other systems?


To help a home owner decide on which system to choose, consumer ratings are best sought to determine the system’s general standing in the market. However, there are other several criteria in which judging can be based. Such criteria for the review on ratings include:

  • What ratings do they have on BBB?
  • Are they accredited?
  • Do they have pending lawsuits?
  • How are their consumer assistance rated?
  • Are their apps rating well on download sites?

Our review is up to date. However, as the industry is dynamic, we will make necessary changes to keep up with the latest development in the industry. We work for the purpose of enlightening the public as we believe that security is something that should be taken seriously and must be dealt with carefully.