Hero Smart Appliance

Keeping track of your medication intake can be a daunting task. Aside from sorting pills and remembering when to take them, you also need to make sure you never run out of prescription. If you are living with a loved one, there’s a good chance he has his own set... [Read More]

Presence Pro Care Wants to Be Your Medical Home Monitoring Solution

Feeling restless every time you leave your mom or dad at home alone? Do you constantly worry about their safety that you always seem to find yourself knocking at their door just to check? Most of us are probably guilty of this. However, as aging seems to bring about several... [Read More]

Aging in Place: 5 Things You Need To Consider

A large percentage of the population aspires to comfortably age in place. However, as most homes are not designed to meet the growing demands of aging, not all seniors are given the chance to retire in their own home. If you or your family is in the middle of this... [Read More]

ADT Medical Alert

There’s a medical alert system that can give you the quality and dependable service you’ve been looking for. You might just want to get your hands on it now.     ADT Medical Alert, formerly ADT Companion Service, comes from the same company that specializes in home security. Because it’s... [Read More]

Alert1 Medical Alert System

When choosing a medical alert system, it’s wise to pick a system that will not only respond to your emergency call but can stay with you until help actually arrives. Because it’s easy to feel threatened and unsafe during an emergency, the last thing you want to happen is to... [Read More]

Bay Alarm Medical

What’s holding you back? There are tons of reasons why several people refuse to invest their money on a medical alert system. For one, they think they have no use for it. Some people, on the other hand, find such systems restrictive and invasive. Majority readily dismiss the idea because... [Read More]

LifeFone Medical Alert System

There are several things you need to be critical about when it comes to selecting the best medical alert system. Aside from the cost and quality of the equipment, you also need to know how much you can actually trust the brand. Most of the time, experience translates to reliability.... [Read More]

Medical Guardian

Top Rated: Medical Guardian Review How fast can help reach you? Medical Guardian can attend to any type of emergency in around 15 seconds. It’s armed with 911 trained care representatives who can skillfully assist you or dispatch immediate help when you need it. If you live alone and something... [Read More]