Privacy Policy

We value your home’s safety. On such note, we also want to give you the same level of guarantee with regards to your privacy.

  • What data do we get from you?

By accessing the site, we may require you to share with us the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact Information

That’s not all. In case you may want to subscribe to our updates and newsletters, participate in our contests, promos and even surveys, we may require more information from you.

  • Where do we use them?

We promise to handle your data with great care. We would never ever sell them. However, just to let you know, we use your data for the following reasons:

  • Respond to inquiries and concerns you communicate with us;
  • Send updates and additional information regarding the site’s contents;
  • Communicate the changes we make in our system;
  • Send invites for promotional activities and raffle promos;
  • Request participation in surveys and other related activities;
  • Ask for suggestions and comments for improvement;
  • Help us collect information for marketing research purposes.
  • Cookies and Usage

Cookies are like footprints. They are small sized data that a webpage saves on your desktop once you access their site. Every time you access the  same webpage, the website sends the same set of cookies to tell the page’s server that you have returned.

Where do we use them?

We use them to enhance our service.


The cookies leave traces of your most viewed and visited pages. This helps us sort out which of our pages needs boosting and which needs maintenance. It also helps us know what type of information you are most interested in. In turn, we could give more of what you may be looking for.

However, you can always deny sharing your cookies with us. You can do so by accessing your browser setting and disabling the feature. It must be kept in mind, on the other hand, that unsharing cookies may hinder you from having a full access to our site. We would also like to further reiterate that cookies, in whatever way, do not relay data and information related to you and your computer other than the ones you agree to share.

  • Links and Access

We place third party links on our site for your interest. You must keep in mind, however, that such links belong to an external and separate entity than our site. If you click and enter the said third party links, you  will be automatically excluded in the coverage of this privacy policy. It, instead, places you on the governing policies of that external link.

  • Policy Modification

If we make changes in our privacy policy, we’ll let you know. We will send you newsletters about what changed and their effects. We will also modify the publishing date on our page so you know that there has been changes and since when.

We are putting emphasis that TopSecurityReview will not, in any way, sell or distribute the personal data that we gather without your consent. The information we will send regarding updates and promos only applies with your consent. Furthermore, if you have previously granted us the permission, you can always take it back.