5 Ways To Effectively Secure Your Basement Windows

When securing properties, a lot of people pay more attention to the first floor of their homes. They fortify the front door, load up the windows with locks as well as the back door. Because of this thinking, basements are slowly becoming an easy target for burglars.

If you haven’t secured your basement yet or you overlooked the area’s security, here are 5 of the things you can do to keep it safe and protected.

1. Increase your basement windows’ visibility

Windows sitting on ground level are burglars’ favorite. They are easy to access and manipulate without being seen.

To keep intruders out of your property, make sure that your basement windows are visible from the outside. They should be easy to see through so that your neighbors can quickly notice if there’s something different going in your basement.

There shouldn’t be too many plants or shrubs as well. If planting is inevitable, make sure to do proper maintenance. Trim them regularly to keep them from becoming good hiding spots.

2. Invest in security film

Security films can keep your windows from shattering into pieces in case a burglar hits it with something hard. And by keeping them from breaking, you’ll also be preventing intruders from getting inside your home.

Most security films are DIY. You can install it during your free time or as a family project during the weekends. If you don’t have the time, you can always ask for professional help but it can make the films even more expensive.

Security films aren’t just for burglars.They can also keep your windows protected in case of natural disasters, like hurricanes.  Some of them can even absorb UV rays.

3. Make use of your security system

The best security system is essential when it comes to preventing burglary. They are, however, can only be as effective as how you utilize them. If you constantly forget to arm your system whenever you go out or you don’t do upgrades as necessary, you’re just basically rendering them useless.

Burglars tend to shy away from homes that threaten their identities. Security systems should be advertised so that potential intruders can be warned about your home being under surveillance. Passersby should be able to see your stickers easily and your yard signs should be placed in areas where they can catch attention.

Make your security cameras visible by placing them in your home’s most vulnerable spots, like your basement.  Aside from cameras, it’s also a good idea to install some motion sensors in your basement windows so you can quickly get notified if there’s any unusual activity in the area. Connect the sensors to your alarm to scare away burglars.

4. Light up your lawn

Dark homes tend to attract more burglars for two things. For one, dark homes can mean they’re unoccupied and when there’s no one at home, burglars can easily carry on with their motives. They can enter and exit the house without the risk of running into trouble with anyone. Aside from that, burglars also favor dark homes because they put them at less risk of being seen, particularly by nosy neighbors.

Because your basement is one of your home’s weakest spots, it’s important that you keep it well lit, especially at night and when you’re not at home. A steady light is good but, if you want better security, motion-activated lights would be a better idea. They can turn on once they sense unusual movements and once they do, they can scare potential burglars and alert your neighbors at the same time.

Another good idea is to install smart lights and connect them to your phone. This way, you can turn them on and off at specific times even if you’re not physically at home. It’s a good way of tricking burglars that you’re there.

5. Fortify your locks

Locks are as essential as security systems, provided that you are using the right ones. Skip the cheap locks and invest in durable locks that can withstand brute force. Deadbolt locks are good in securing your external basement door. For your basement windows, installing strong, visible locks can greatly help.

Window bars can prevent burglars, too. They can deter burglars and provide a physical barrier to keep them from getting inside your property. You can use permanent bars, which are great for long term use. If you aren’t comfortable about having solid steel bars on your window, you can choose swing-away bars instead. They can provide exit points in cases of emergencies and you need to evacuate your home. Just make sure that, if you do choose the swing-away type, you place the locking mechanism inside.

For your convenience, there’s also the option to get removable bars. They are the type of bars which you can set up one when needed, like at night or when you’ll be out of the house for several days.