Immedia Creates the Most Affordable Wireless HD Security Camera for Your Home

The Internet of Things is a continuously evolving market. Because of our demand for smarter and better technology, most manufacturers felt the intense need to innovate and create highly competitive products. They compete with each other to make your life more comfortable and secured. Immedia Semiconductor is one of these... [Read More]

9 Dangerous Apps That Shouldn’t Be On Your Kid’s Phone

You should probably think twice about letting your kid use a smartphone all by himself. Apparently, children, these days, are a lot smarter. As a matter of fact, most of them are capable of browsing the internet and using softwares by themselves, without your supervision. This makes it quite easy... [Read More]

The Latest in Crowdfunded Systems

  Big things come from small things. Apparently, you have been hearing that cliche right. Scout, Piper and even Canary can attest to that. They have all been through the same hole to get to where they are now. Well, not literally.   Crowdfunding has been a major game changer... [Read More]

All Things Automated with IFTTT

  You pronounce it as “Gift”. Well, without the “G”, actually. Much like your cooking class, IFTTT allows you to make your own recipes. However, unlike any cooking class, it makes you create your own recipe using only two ingredients- a trigger and an action. The end product? A better... [Read More]